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After your semester ends and before summer jobs and opportunities fill your days, come to Mo-Ranch for College Connection! Come relax at Mo-Ranch during this conference and experience "active rest" with a spiritual journey of thought-provoking keynote presentations, small groups, music, worship and fellowship. 

College Connection invites rising sophomores through recent college graduates to attend.

What's the theme? 
    "Wash Me"
    John 13:1-20

Jesus and the disciples are in the upper room. He starts washing their feet. Peter sees what Jesus is doing and asks "Lord, are you going to wash my feet?" and (this is what should catch your attention) Jesus says to Peter "You do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand."  Jesus recognizes his actions are confusing. He also says "later you will understand."  Maybe you've hit a point in life where you want to understand more. Well, this is a group of people who will ask the questions with you and listen for answers.  

Who's the keynote speaker? 
   Jason Brian Santos. Want to know more about him?  Go here or here

Will there be a concert this year?
  Yes! David LaMotte will be here to share his stories, play some great music and hang out with us while he's here. Want to know more about David? Go here


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