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Family Systems Theory Conference

January 11-14, 2016

Congregational Leadership in Polarizing Times

We are all aware of the high degree of polarization that exists in both churches and society. We ourselves may be a part of this polarizing process. In congregations, the peace and unity that may once have existed is seriously damaged. The fact of divisions in society is not new but they do seem more intense and even more vicious today. 

What does a ministry of reconciliation look like during these times?

How can we relate to those who strongly disagree with us?

How can we be pastors to all of the members of our churches, even those with whom we deeply disagree?

Join us for Family Systems 2016 and explore these issues and learn the tools to overcome them.

Ron Richardson will lead Family Systems as the keynote speaker. Click here to learn more about Ron and the conference leadership.

In his three presentations plus consultation on a family of origin presentation, Ron will explore the underlying issues involved in our polarization, the processes involved, and how Bowen family systems theory can be a personal resource to us so that we can live out the gospel with others and build up the human community in both church and society. 

Attendees are encouraged to read Ron’s book Polarization and the Healthier Church. It introduces us to how he thinks about these issues and gives four extended case histories of how he has addressed the issues successfully. His presentations will further elucidate with more examples from his own family of origin and his ministry.

Developing and leading healthy congregations takes many skills. The family systems theory enables leaders to think differently about congregational relationships. This conference is designed to equip and enable clergy, church professionals, and members to lead their congregations with emotional integrity and maturity.