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Sponsor Responsibilities

Adult sponsors play a key role in the success of each of our conferences.

  • Each group must send a minimum of one adult for every five youth. Churches must send sponsors of the same gender as those youth who will be participating.
  • In order to maintain a ratio, adult sponsors may be asked to supervise youth from another congregation up to a maximum of five youth. Confirmation of registration is dependent on the availability of sufficient adult sponsors for each gender and/or the gender requirement.
  • Churches with small congregations that find it difficult to meet the sponsor/participant ratio should contact the Mo-Ranch Program Office ( for assistance in securing appropriate supervision for their youth.
  • Mo-Ranch has a zero tolerance policy regarding child abuse (including, but not limited to physical, emotional or sexual abuse). Mo-Ranch sponsors must also abide by the Rule of Three (2 youth and   1 adult) or (2 unrelated adults and 1 youth) to ensure safety for all guests. No adult shall be left alone with a minor; therefore, a minimum of two youth will be assigned to hotel housing when a sponsor is to share the same room. A reasonable ratio of adult workers will be maintained in each situation involving the supervision of minors. Mo-Ranch staff and volunteer directors will supervise on an ongoing basis and may make unannounced visits into classes and other program sites during the conference.
  • Sponsors are responsible for the behavior of their youth at all times.
  • Sponsors are asked not to bring non-participant children to the conference.
  • Each sponsor is expected to participate fully in all conference activities and to facilitate home group devotions.
  • Sponsors are responsible for seeing that their youth attend all the activities.
  • Sponsors are expected to maintain a positive attitude because it will make a difference in the atmosphere of the conference. Your attitude has a direct effect on your youth and on your own enjoyment. You are an important role model!
  • Sponsors are expected to see that youth observe afternoon rest times and lights-out each night, eat regularly, drink plenty of water, and remember to use sunscreen!
  • Sponsors are expected to stay on Mo-Ranch property during the entire time of the conference.
  • Sponsors will receive an information packet containing all necessary forms. Forms will also be available for download at
  • Each sponsor is required to have a national background check on file before arriving at Mo-Ranch.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to be open to all the good ways God is at work.