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If your camper needs to take any over-the-counter medications on a regular basis, or prescription medication during their session, please hand it to the staff member driving the bus at pick up. The medication must be in its original packaging with a written note of dosages and times or original prescription label. Medication given will be logged and packages returned daily if necessary. At no time will campers be allowed to store or administer their own medication.

Campers will be given an eardrop solution of alcohol, vinegar, and water after all aquatic activities. Please make a note on the health form if your camper should not receive these drops.

Parents or guardians will be notified immediately in case of any major illness or injury to their camper. Any minor illnesses or injuries will be noted when your camper is dropped off. Please do not send your child to camp if they are feeling ill. We will not accept campers who have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher and request they not return to camp until they have held a normal temperature for at least 24 hours. Any camper who develops a temperature of 100 degrees or higher during the day will be isolated in our infirmary under the supervision of our Camp Health Manager until the parent can pick them up or it is time to go home on the bus.