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In an effort to make it easier for families to complete registration, we provide each of the forms required for Outdoor Adventure Day Camp registration below.

Simply download each form and fill it out, then mail or email them back to us.  If you prefer to have these forms mailed or emailed to you just let us know, and we will be happy to send them to you.

If you have any questions or are unable to download the forms, please contact the Outdoor Adventure Day Camp office at (830) 238-4455 ext. 250 or

DC Parent Handbook.pdf

Day Camp Health Form
(dc_health.pdf, 208 kb)

All information on the health history form will be kept confidential and is requested solely for the purpose of assisting us in providing your camper with quality care. Please be open and honest. We need to know anything that will help us give your camper the best care possible in their time of need. There is one location for a parent's/legal guardian's signature and another location for your camper's signature. Your camper does not need a physical.

Camper Information Form
(dc_info.pdf, 89 kb)

As with the health history form, this information will be kept confidential. This information is very helpful to the Counselors in making your camper feel more comfortable and at ease.

Day Camp Minor Participant Form
(dc_minor.pdf, 39 kb)

This form is needed in order for your child to participate in activities at Mo-Ranch.

Day Camp OTC Meds, Photo, Transporation Form
(dc_photo.pdf, 51 kb)

Don't forget to initial each of the three locations indicated, fill in the driver's license numbers and sign at the bottom. 



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