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Health & Safety

Camper and staff safety are a priority at Mo-Ranch. Therefore we will take every precaution necessary to make campers feel safe at camp.

Our daily schedule is fun but rigorous, so we have designed a schedule that offers sufficient time for rest, relaxation and sleep.

We have a Medical Officer on duty and on site, 24 hours a day to handle any illnesses or injuries. Campers not well enough to stay in Loma Linda will be supervised and cared for in our fully equipped Health Center. Campers needing additional care will be seen by our Camp Doctor in Kerrville, or in case of emergency campers will be taken to Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville.

Mo-Ranch retains the right to decline acceptance of campers based on medical or behavioral conditions, at which point a full refund will be issued.

Our counselors are trained in safety and emergency procedures and child abuse prevention. They are all First Aid and CPR certified. In addition, the majority of counselors are lifeguard certified and any aquatic activity will be under supervision of a certified lifeguard.

All information on the Health History and Parent Questionnaire forms will be kept strictly confidential and is requested solely for the purpose of providing your camper with the best care possible. Please fill out a new health form annually to keep us updated. Please ensure that you provide Mo-Ranch with copies of your camper's insurance policy card.

If your camper has a pre-existing condition, illness or injury that s/he sustained prior to coming to camp, families will be responsible for supplying Mo-Ranch Summer Camp with any on-going medications or treatments the camper may be receiving. Families will be responsible for any costs associated with additional medications or treatments your camper may need for their pre-existing condition(s) while at Camp.

All medications must be in their original packaging with original prescription label. If prescription dosages or times have changed, there must be a written note from the prescribing physician as to the change. Over-the-counter medications must also be in their original packaging with a written note of dosages and times.

It is required that campers taking behavior modification medications for conditions such as ADD or ADHD continue taking their medications while at Camp. We also ask that campers have been on the current medication and dosage for at least one month prior to the start of their Camp session. While Summer Camp does provide more active, hands-on programming than most school situations, the longer days, challenging activities and intense social interactions of Summer Camp may over-stimulate or stress a child. Giving campers the tools they need to cope in the best way possible is the key to a successful camp experience.

Parents or guardians will be notified immediately in case of any major illness or injury to their camper. Any minor illnesses or injuries that occurred throughout the session will be noted when you go through check-out on Closing Day.