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Campers are not permitted to make or receive phone calls.

We have found that phone calls often promote homesickness and sometimes inhibit your camper's growth toward independence while at Camp.

We ask you respect our judgement on this issue and communicate with your camper through letters, e-mail, and/or care packages. Your campers will be writing home to you as well. However, remember that in a one-week session, you will probably receive their letters after they have returned home. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

By Phone: (800) 460-4401

Camp Director - Extension 253

The Camp Director is often away from the office on Camp business or working with your children. Feel free to leave a message and the Camp Director will always get back to you.

Office Manager - Extension 250

The Office Manager will be in the office Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:45 pm. The Office Manager can answer most registration and payment questions for you and is your daytime emergency contact to the Director, Counselors, or campers. To contact the Office Manager directly:

After Hours

In case of emergency after hours you may call (800) 460-4401 and our Answering Service will contact the staff member on duty immediately.

By email:

We are excited to offer a partnership with Bunk1 to handle your email communication with your campers. Please click the link below to register and begin sending emails to your camper.

Click Here for Bunk1 Registration

By Mail:
Camper's Name
c/o Mo-Ranch Summer Camp
2229 FM 1340
Hunt, TX 78024 

We suggest you mail your first letter several days before your camper leaves for Camp.

Please remember, we are way out in the country and our mail is definitely snail-mail.

Care Packages:

There is nothing that brightens a camper's day more than a care package. Please remember to only include appropriate items for Camp, such as stuffed animals, magazines, cards and small toys. Packages will be opened in the presence of a Counselor and inappropriate items will be held until Closing Day. Food, gum, and candy are not allowed and cannot be stored.