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Bible Study Conference

May 28-29, 2015

Bible Study Conference is for leaders utilizing the Horizons Bible Study who are preparing for the next year's study. The author of the 2015-2016 study will be here to give participants an in-depth look at the study and share in conversation about topics within that study.

We have purposely placed this conference between the two sessions of the Women's Conference. Participants in the Women’s Conference will have the opportunity to select the Horizon Bible Study Workshop for additional information and conversation on teaching tips and ideas for use in meetings with their Bible study groups back home. If you register for Session 1 (May 26-28) you can stay an extra day and delve deeper into the study; if you register for Session 2 (May 29-31) you will be here the day before Women's Conference begins!

Rev. Judy R. Fletcher, the author of the 2015-2016 study, will be the keynote speaker for this conference. The theme for the study is "Water." Learn more about Judy.

Come and join in learning, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation at Mo-Ranch. Make plans to be a part of this conference today! See this flyer for more information about the study and when various editions are available!


Double Occupancy: $98.00

Single Occupancy: $143.00

Commuter: $44.00