Mo-TLC, Teen Leadership Conference

June 7-12, 2015

Guided by encouraging adult mentors, youth participants select from five leadership groups (worship, music, drama, small-group or recreation) in which to work throughout the week to plan and implement the conference activities.

Finding our strengths is a journey that can lead to serving right where God needs us most. At Mo-TLC we invite youth to seek out their gifts and to be creative in utilizing them throughout all areas of worship. Whether it be through singing, studying, praying or playing, we are Christ’s disciples, reflecting God’s love in all we do.

Mo-TLC is open to youth who have completed 9th grade through those who have just graduated from high school. Registration per church is limited to five youth and their sponsors. 

You will need a 1:5 ratio of sponsors per children. Sponsors must also register for the conference, and they must be the appropriate gender per amount of girls and boys that they are bringing. Sponsors are not allowed to stay in the same room as children participants.

Conference Goals

  • Develop leadership skills that will honor God in all activities of our faith journeys
  • Learn to lead with others so that youth look beyond themselves to find the potential of the community
  • Provide safe opportunities for youth to experiment and plan activities and worship that reflect their faith in God
Age Group: Completed 10th-12th grades

"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all. 1COR. 12:4-6: NIV

Conference Leadership:

Director: Neil McKown
Co-Director: Katie Burgoon
Small Group Leadership Group Leader: Pepa Paniagua-Cislo
Drama Leadership Group Leader: Loren Newsom
Music Leadership Group Leader: Matthew Dittman
Recreation Leadership Group Leader: Angela Grover
Worship Leadership Group Leader: Princeton Abaraoha
Youth Planning Team Members: Chelsea Poku, Jordan Bringe, Tommy Teschner

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