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Gift Shop

The Mo-Ranch Gift Shop will be open for families on Opening and Closing Days.

The Gift Shop carries a wide variety of books, t-shirts, souvenirs, snacks, and basic toiletries. Please take time to visit the store before Registration and after the Closing Ceremonies to purchase all of those things your campers "can't live without".

During the camp session, campers will only be allowed to visit the Gift Shop for essential items such as toothpaste and toiletries under the supervision of a Counselor.

We ask that campers bring no more than $20 to $25 (average t-shirt cost is $18), which will be collected at the time of registration. At check-in, we stronly suggest your camper deposits money into their store account. We do not recommend bringing cash back to the dorm. Any monies not used from the camper’s store account at the end of the camp session will be donated to the camp scholarship fund.