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Summer CampPresbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly is located on almost 500 acres of gorgeous Hill Country property.

With the North Fork of the Guadalupe River winding right through the middle of the property, the beauty of God's natural creation abounds.

Many of the buildings date back to the 1930's when Mo-Ranch was a working ranch and vacation spot for the Moran family.

Now completely modernized, many of Mr. Moran's ranch buildings, such as the Milk Barn, Horse Barn, and Pheasant Run, have been converted to housing and meeting rooms.

His roller skating rink is now our Main Auditorium and the movie theatre has become the River DormLoma Linda, however, the home of Mo-Ranch Summer Camp, has stayed true to its original purpose - a base camp for youth programs.

Loma Linda is air-conditioned and has four separate living areas with community bathrooms.

All of Mo-Ranch's facilities are available for Summer Camp programming, including a high and low ropes course, indoor climbing wall, archery range, sports fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor cooking area, Riverview nature classrooms, Youth Plaza, swimming pool, and of course, the river. Along our waterfront we have designated areas for swimming, a rope swing, canoeing and kayaking, playing in the rapids and the famous Mo Slide.

Meals are served in the modern, air-conditioned Dining Hall, and a fully equipped and staffed Health Center is available 24 hours a day.