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Health & Safety

Summer CampThe rigors of a summer camp program require campers be rested and in good health.

Our daily schedule is demanding, but designed to offer sufficient time for rest, relaxation and sleep. Mo-Ranch Summer Camp has a Medical Officer on duty and on site, 24 hours a day to handle any illnesses or injuries.

Campers not well enough to stay in Loma Linda will be supervised and cared for in our fully equipped Health Center.

Campers needing additional care will be seen by our Camp Doctor in Kerrville, or in case of emergency, campers will be taken to Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville.

Mo-Ranch retains the right to decline acceptance of campers based on medical or behavioral conditions, at which point a full refund will be issued.

Camper and Staff safety always come first at Mo-Ranch.

All specialized program areas, such as aquatics, ropes courses, and archery are under the direction of Certified personnel and trained activity leaders.