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Summer CampLDP - Mo-Ranch Summer Camp has developed a Leadership Development Program program for campers, ages 16-17. The goal of the LDP Program is two fold. First we offer participants an opportunity to develop job skills such as leadership, judgment and responsibility focused on the youth camping profession. Supervised by an adult LDP Coordinator, participants will attend training seminars, learn about and assist with the day-to-day operations and administration of a summer camp and assist Counselors with cabin, program and faith activities.

Secondly, through their experience in the LDP, we provide an opportunity for the participants to develop life skills such as self-confidence, problem solving, sharing your faith with others and putting others first. Skills taught and practiced in the LDP are not only necessary to becoming a high quality Summer Camp Counselor, but are beneficial and in many ways essential in any of life's endeavors. Graduates of the LDP program may be invited to apply to be in LDP 2 (2nd year) the following summer. Participants must complete year 1 of the LDP program to be eligible for LDP 2.

The LDP 2 program is the next step in development to becoming a staff member at Mo-Ranch. LDP 2's will be supervised by the adult LDP coordinator and will put all of the skills taught in the LPD 1 program to the test. LPD 2 will work hand in hand with our counseling staff and will have the opportunity to plan and lead multiple activities throughout the course of the program. LPD 2's will live and work with campers everyday much the same way that staff do. At the completion of the LPD 2 program they may be encouraged to apply to be a full staff member.