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Low Elements

A Ropes Course is not just an opportunity to get your feet off the ground, but also a chance to take your group on a series of adventures…to wind up somewhere else!

The Low Elements are a series of activities that involve your group working together to achieve a common objective, all without going up in the air.

Designed to be team building activities, each element requires your group to communicate, cooperate, and participate with each other to reach the desired goal. By taking you through a series of progressively more complex and difficult elements, you learn to work with each other. You'll learn some very creative and often humorous ways of communicating. You'll learn about leadership and identifying specific talents and abilities in your team members.

You'll learn new ways to support and encourage each other. You'll experience the excitement that comes from achieving the "impossible" and living to tell the tale! Low Elements are a fun and unique way of building teamwork within a group.

Whether yours is a sixth grade class, a band of adult community volunteers, or any collection of people young and old who are willing to stretch themselves just a little, the Low Elements is just the thing to help you find your way!