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Outdoor Skills

Activity Descriptions


Participants first learn small craft water safety, a small history of canoes, the parts of a canoe and paddling techniques. Then it's into the canoes for an adventure on the Guadalupe River. Teamwork, physical exercise, and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our natural surroundings and the river's inhabitants are all a part of this activity.


One of the few sports today where men and women compete equally. Archery has had a long history and has been found in almost every culture. Listening skills, responsibility, accuracy, safety, and patience are all put into practice while participants learn basic archery technique, and then get to try their hands at target shooting.

Compass Course

It takes math and geography skills to accomplish our map and compass course. After learning parts of a compass and setting a bearing and finding an attack point, teams are off to complete the first course.


After completing the first compass course, participants are taught basic map reading skills and methods of finding a compass bearing. Then on their own, teams put these skills to practice on our seven-acre orienteering course.