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Group Leader Expectations

ELP Group Leader

Your job is the most important!

Being a Group Leader is the most important job in camp. The participants need your guidance in order to have a successful and safe camp experience. As Group Leaders you will be responsible for the well being of your dorm and activity groups.

The participants will develop a special relationship with you that will become a lasting memory if you do your job to its fullest potential.

The following is a list of the expectations of Group Leaders (teachers, parents, or young volunteers), attending Mo-Ranch ELP:

  1. Be here for the children! - You can visit with your friends on your break time or after the program. Put your time into the participants so they have a great experience. Get involved in all activities so the participants will learn from your example.
  2. Follow the rules - ELP rules are for safety. Safety is a priority at ELP. Make sure your participants are following all safety rules. ELP safety rules apply to everyone.
  3. Know where each individual participant is at all times - You are responsible for the 24-hour supervision of these children. Your most diligent supervision times include: wake up, moving from one location to another, meals, activities, recreation time, cabin time and lights out.
  4. Be a positive role model - Through your speech and actions, model good character traits and values such as responsibility, respect, caring, and honesty.
  5. Be on time and prepared - Please make sure your group arrives to meals and activities on time. We don't want your students to miss out on anything. Also make sure your groups are prepared with the right clothing, filled water bottles, sunscreen and by regularly taking bathroom breaks between activities. Activity areas and dorms are often too far apart to return to the dorm to prepare or change between activities.
  6. Move as a group - If you move as a group, your participants will always be supervised and not left to wander. Please remember that Mo-Ranch may have up to 500 other guests on the Ranch at the same time as your visit.
  7. Supervise your participants during meal times - This is to make sure participants follow mealtime procedures. Please keep your participants talking in low voices so the dining hall doesn't get too loud.
  8. Assist during activities - ELP staff will assign you specific duties during every activity. If you are unsure, just ask the staff what you should be doing. The staff will also appreciate you handling any overt participant behavior problems so they can continue teaching the class uninterrupted.
  9. Keep your dorms organized and clean - Enlist the help of your participants to do a daily pick up of clothes, equipment and trash. Fewer Items will be "lost" if the dorm is kept clean and orderly at all times.
  10. Stay with your dorm after "lights out" - You may only leave your dorm if you have been given permission by the Trip Leader and arrangements are made to have the dorm supervised. "Raiding" other dorm areas, even if supervised, is strictly prohibited.
  11. Have fun!! - If you are having fun, your participants will too!