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Thank you for considering a gift to Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly. Since the Presbyterians in this region accepted the challenge of buying the ranch and operating it as a ministry in 1949, gifts of time and money have sustained their vision.

Make Mo-Ranch Affordable

Mo-Ranch strives to keep costs down for guests, who pay only 78 percent of the actual cost for programs, rooms and meals. Your gift makes it possible for those with lower incomes to participate in our Christian programs and enjoy the fellowship and education we offer.

Support and Initiate Programs

Over the decades, Mo-Ranch has initiated programs to meet the needs of the church. In the early 1990s, we were one of the first conference centers to provide a program for junior high students. In recent years we’ve added programs to help build healthy congregations, promote superior preaching and bring families together in a camp setting. Donations which support new programs and scholarships play a vital roll in this effort.

Help Children Grow in Body and Spirit

Many a “Mo-Ranch story” begins with “I came to Mo-Ranch for Summer Camp” or “I came here with my church family when I was young.” Studies and surveys affirm that an early Christian camp or retreat experience plays a major roll in the faith development of church leaders and those who will turn to the church as adults. Mo-Ranch has developed the Change for Children program to raise funds so that the youth in Presbyterian children’s homes and Presbyterian Pan American School can afford to come to Mo-Ranch.

Keep Mo-Ranch in Good Condition

To keep our facilities—some of which are now 85 years old—in good operating order, we set aside part of our income and gifts to pay for future repairs and replacement. With computers we track when a water heater or air conditioner will need maintenance/replacement and plan accordingly. It’s all a part of being good stewards of this special place entrusted to our care.

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