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Capital Giving

For many years there was a need for a larger public restroom and shower facility at the Riverfront recreation and picnic area. Through the generous donations of several Mo-Ranch supporters, that facility became a reality in 2013. Such is a result of giving for capital needs—projects too large to be covered in Mo-Ranch’s annual operating budget.

Each year, the executive staff and board of trustees compile a list of the most-pressing capital needs on the ranch. Please check the current list below and contact us if you would like to participate in helping to fulfill one of these projects.

Capital Needs

· $975,000 will complete the renovation project or $15,000 will dedicate a room in someone’s honor.

· $350,000 will  fully develop the “creative arts” program or $85,000 will build a multi-purpose pavilion.

· $275,000 will purchase a property management and reservation system.    

· $275,000 will build a mid-sized auditorium.

· $185,000 will install a new roof, resurface, light and renovate the basketball court at Loma Linda, allowing another outdoor area for children.  

· $64,500 will extend the ADA compliant nature trail.  

· $27,500 will modernize the registration system.  

· $24,500 creates a break-room space for our housekeepers.

· $23,500 provides for rainwater collection.    

· $23,100 will purchase 4 gas powered Gator vehicles, replacing old and inefficient trucks.

· $21,800 purchases a worship suite designed for Mo-Ranch (pulpit, font, table and much more).

· $18,000 purchases new stoves for King Dining Hall.

· $9,800 buys new mattresses for Westminster, Manor House and Nicklos Place.

· $8,425 upgrades office computers.

· $7,500 will bring us 5 more much needed paddle boards.

· $6,375 will bring us 5 more canoes for the Outdoor Education Ministry.