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Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly has a new programs director.

In late July, Breanna Larsen was promoted from her position as marketing and communications manager to director of programs, marketing and communications.

“She will continue with all of her current responsibilities and making sure our marketing is executed at the highest level,” said Julie Chapa, vice president of sales and programs. “She will also continue her important work with the development department and ensuring Mo-Ranch’s future.”

Larsen joined the Mo-Ranch family almost two years and quickly worked her way up to be the marketing and communications manager and now the director of programs, marketing and communications.

“I’m eager to marry my communications expertise and enthusiasm for providing quality experiences and events to this director role,” Larsen said. “I enjoy expanding my horizons, and I am excited to step into the programs side of Mo!”

Moving forward, her vision is to foster lasting relationships with program attendees and leaders alike.

“My main goal is ensuring that we are incorporating the talents and gifts of which God has blessed so many of our staff, volunteers and guests,” Larsen said. “We all have something to bring to Mo, and I’m ready to explore that further.”

Chapa said she is confident of Larsen’s ability to lead the programs department.

“She is well deserving of this promotion and will bring fresh eyes to the table,” she said. “It’s always a true complement to the staff that worked so hard for the ranch when we are able to promote from within!”

Larsen, who will celebrate her two-year anniversary at Mo-Ranch on Aug. 27, said her favorite part of being with Mo-Ranch is observing the guests’ spiritual journey the second they come through the gates/

“Watching people explore this thin place where they feel closer to God and closer to their own spirituality is the most rewarding to me,” she said. “I am so happy that Mo-Ranch can be that safe place for so many different groups of people.”


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