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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

LDP Program (Leadership Development Program)
This is a three-week, intensive leadership program designed to teach and develop leadership skills in 16 and 17-year-olds. This select program goes far beyond what it takes to be a great camp counselor, and instead focuses on what it takes to be a GREAT person. We raise the expectation level of what 16 and 17-year-olds can and should do and we challenge them in ways that will benefit them for decades to come. If you are looking for more than just your average leadership program, this is perfect for you!

LDP Year 2s must have completed LDP Year 1.

What is the difference between LDP 1 and 2?

As an LDP 1 you help out at camp by serving meals, distributing snacks and sorting mail. You work with the head counselor to determine your skills, talk about faith and learn about leadership. When you finish your LDP 1 the head counselor reviews your performance to recommend you for LDP2. In this next step you work closer with counselors by shadowing and helping out in daily life. This is an opportunity to really experience what it means to be a counselor and what you can bring to that role.

If you are ready to experience camp in a different way, apply for an LDP position. You will need to fill out an LDP application, complete a registration form and three reference forms.

Note: LDP sessions are available for online or paper registration. You must complete both the LDP application AND the summer camp registration form. The deadline for applications, registrations and reference letters is February 1st.

Program Dates and Rates

Leadership Development Program(LDP) Year 1 — for ages 16-17

LDP 1 – Session 1
Sun. June 10 – Sat. June 30 (three weeks)
LDP 1 – Session 2
Sun. July 1 – Sat. July 21 (three weeks)


Leadership Development Program(LDP) Year 2* — for ages 16-17 *must have completed LDP 1

LDP 2 – Session 1
Sun. June 10 – Sat. June 30 (three weeks)
LDP 2 – Session 2
Sun. July 1 – Sat. July 21 (three weeks)


Leadership Development Program (LDP) Registration

Please complete the LDP Year 1 or LDP Year 2 application form, and then the summer camp registration form for your selected LDP session. You will also need to send the LDP reference form to three references for each applicant. Those forms need to be completed and mailed back to Mo-Ranch Summer Camp directly from the references.

You must have completed LDP Year 1 before you can apply for LDP Year 2.

LDP Year 1 Application
LDP Year 2 Application
Reference form LDP
LDP Parent Handbook

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