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Rev. David and Diane Marx have been venturing out to Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly since the 70s when David was serving a church in West Texas and Diane attended the women’s conference. They have been back many times and even had the joy of visiting their daughter, Charlotte, one summer while she was working at Mo. They have enjoyed numerous conferences over the years and all the friendships that were fostered during those events. During their stays at Mo-Ranch, they like to hike, worship, visit with friends and staff and find shady spots to relax and read. David has served as a speaker and workshop leader during the men’s and women’s conferences and hopes Mo-Ranch will continue to be a place set apart for spiritual commitment and renewal. They joined The Circle M Club in hopes of preserving Mo-Ranch for future generations. “We’re leaving our mark on Mo-Ranch so that it can continue to host its vibrant worship and learning experiences for all who seek to commune with God,” said Rev. Marx.

One thing is for certain–Rev. David and Diane Marx both share a passion for Mo-Ranch. Their continuous support and involvement will ensure that various conferences and special events will flourish and grow.

Click here to learn more about The Circle M Club and how you can be a part of Mo-Ranch for years to come.

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