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Mrs. Jeanie Flowers is accompanied by her son, Fort, and his family. From left to right: Fort, Elaine, Caroline, Abigail, Betsy, Beth, Daniel, and Mrs. Jeanie Flowers.


Jeanie Flowers, senior board member and member of The Circle M Club, first journeyed to Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly in 1978 with the Saint Philip Presbyterian Church all-church retreat and quickly realized Mo-Ranch was her “thin place”—a location where heaven and earth come closer together.

“My first impression was of beauty and serenity,” said Flowers. “I believe Mo-Ranch has a unique place in ministering to people, all people, just by being itself and becoming a haven for those who are in need of a thin place.”

Throughout the years, Flowers has witnessed the changes at Mo-Ranch, and she has been at the forefront of helping Mo accomplish several projects.

“I have tried to support whatever seems to be needed at that time,” said Flowers. “I love to see my gifts contributing to so many areas on the ranch—maintenance, new programs, landscaping—so much needs to be done.”

Flowers has some incredible memories at Mo-Ranch, including the baptism of her grandson, Daniel, at Chapel on the Hill on the last day of the 1994 Saint Philip all-church retreat, and meeting conference leaders like Philip Newell and Ann Weems. She hopes Mo-Ranch will remain a sanctuary, a worship place, a resting place, for all who visit, just like it is for her.

“So many times I have come to the ranch upset or out-of-sorts with the way that my life is going,” said Flowers. “Invariably, after a day or two, I am in tune with myself and my God.”

When Flowers isn’t helping Mo-Ranch live into its mission, she can be found reading or stitching. But every year when Saint Philip Presbyterian hosts its all-church retreat at Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, Flowers gets to travel back to her thin place which she has helped make so wonderful.

“I wish that more people knew how Mo-Ranch soothes the soul,” said Flowers.

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