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Dr. Tom Currie and his wife, Peggy, have been long-time supporters of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, and Tom’s father was instrumental in the land’s purchase. The courtyard located between Manor House and the Manor House Classroom is dedicated to the contributions his parents made to the ranch and its development into the conference, retreat and summer camp center that Mo-Ranch is now known as.

“We have a long history with Mo-Ranch, and we love it,” Peggy said.

Tom and Peggy both worked on the ranch as high schoolers in the summer of 1963. Fast forward to 54 years later, and there’s now been four generations of Curries involved at Mo-Ranch. The Currie family continues to visit and provide support for the ranch in a variety of ways. Just recently, they generously donated funds for the addition of a baptismal font in the ranch’s chapel. The chapel holds many special memories for them, including the baptism of two of their grandchildren.

“Mo-Ranch has always been in our blood, and we’ve forged lifelong friendships through coming here,” Peggy said.

For about 12 years, Tom and Peggy lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and were unable to visit the ranch as frequently during that period of time. However, since moving back to Georgetown, Texas, their family has been able to come for family reunions and attend Easter at Mo-Ranch; they are looking forward to visiting this fall along with members of their Georgetown church’s congregation.

Tom and Peggy recently made a decision that will support the ranch for future generations to come. They are new members of the ranch’s legacy society, The Circle M Club.

“We support Mo-Ranch financially in many ways, but it’s our go-to place to visit because of our long history there,” Peggy said. “We’ve attended programs regularly like the Women’s Conferences and Men’s Conferences, and have also supported in that way.”

Peggy said her family appreciates all of the new activities going on at Mo-Ranch, and that they are happy to be playing a part in the changes happening with the organization.

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