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Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, tradition and unity. Here at Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, we encourage all that cross through our gates to embrace those sentiments during the holiday. We have hosted a long-withstanding Thanksgiving tradition of feasting, celebrating and congregating with others. Throughout the years, the ranch has seen thousands of people cross into our “thin space” and experience the true essence of being close to God while being thankful for the blessings in one’s life.

As a “thin space,” we encourage our guests to gather here and experience the closeness of God and all of his beautiful creations on the ranch. We offer a wide variety of exciting and all-inclusive activities during the Thanksgiving week festivities like the Big Gulp, worship, archery, tie-dye, karaoke, canoeing and even cookie decorating.

“I have scheduled the Thanksgiving activities for four years now, and I love seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces and the memories they make while they’re at the ranch,” said Nicole Conner, Mo-Ranch Outdoor Education and Camps office manager. “So many people try out new adventures and overcome obstacles during their stay. When you visit us for Thanksgiving, the whole ranch—from the guests to the staff—feels like an extended family.”

This year, we served 908 guests during our Thanksgiving buffet luncheon. Throughout the shared meals, guests were able to connect and bond with one another and the beautiful Texas Hill Country’s surroundings. Whether Thanksgiving at Mo is a long-held tradition with friends or a new family staple, we hope that the ranch can offer a unique experience and festive atmosphere for all who participate. 

“I spoke with numerous guests that have been coming to Mo-Ranch for Thanksgiving for decades—one guest said they’ve been spending Thanksgiving at Mo for 50 years!” said Richard Bombach, Summer Camp director. “They really feel that connection to Mo-Ranch and feel like it’s their second home, enough so that they come to spend the holidays with us. It’s truly something special—a valuable legacy.”

By hosting holiday events such as Thanksgiving, Mo-Ranch is hopeful in creating a new generation of “Mo lifers” to continue with the holiday legacies and missional work. Many guests, by visiting at Thanksgiving, were able to see all the versatile spaces and activities that we have to offer.

“Thanksgiving at Mo opens up the conversation with guests to show them that we are available for all kinds of different activities and events,” said DJ Owens, Outdoor Education Ministry manager. We are open to families, churches and schools for year-round opportunities.”

Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action. Together, we can cherish and uphold the festive traditions of Thanksgiving at Mo as well as other reoccurring holiday and retreat events. We thank all of you who visited and spent the Thanksgiving holiday with us on the ranch. We hope to see you again soon!

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