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The Monday Morning Minute
At Mo-Ranch

Learn from the Cactus

Spring is a time of new growth. Wildflowers line the highways, trees put forth new leaves and everything seems to be in bloom after being dormant through the winter. The old parts of the plant remain visible, but the new, green, colorful life is obvious. The world around us seems vibrantly alive and buzzing with new growth.

Our lives follow this same pattern. There are parts of our lives that are worn out, old, full of scars and not very productive. They seem (if only to us) to be beat up and useless. But…these worn, scarred parts are the places from which new life can come. In fact, new life can’t really happen unless it’s built on what has come before. Fresh, new growth—even beautiful blooms—can come out of the worn and tired. Sometimes part of the plant needs to die and go away—that is true for our lives as well. But many times, the older part of the plant provides the basis from which the new stuff comes.

So consider the cactus: What has been old, tired and worn in your life?
And more importantly: Where do you see new growth in yourself? Where are you about to bloom?

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