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(Friday, August 30, 2019) Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly and Schreiner University have teamed up to ensure students feel at home in the community.

On Thursday afternoon, Charlie McCormick, president of Schreiner University, and Dick Powell, president and CEO of Mo-Ranch announced a new initiative called Mo-Ranch Loves Schreiner.

It’s a way to solidify the partnership between the two and to show mutual support.

The program is similar to the Kerrville Loves Schreiner initiative, which was rolled out about a year ago in an effort to get Schreiner more involved in the community and show the students they have a home in the Hill Country.

“We wanted to make sure our students know they are a part of this community. They don’t just come here to take a couple of classes and then go away. This is their home,” McCormick said.

So, by partnering Schreiner, Mo-Ranch hopes to show students it’s a perfect getaway and summer employer.

The program has been in the making for a long time, Powell said.

“Schreiner does a wonderful job in transforming young boys and young girls into young men and young women,” he said.  “They’re wonderfully driven, they’re successful, they’re articulate.”

The doors are always open to Schreiner students who want a weekend job, internship or simply want a break from studies, Powell said.

Mo-Ranch and Schreiner University share a 100-year-old history, McCormick said.

“Captain Schreiner was very interested in starting an educational institution in the Hill Country, primarily for all of the boys who lived on ranches who couldn’t go to public schools,” he said. “He began to talk to representatives from the Presbyterian church right at the 20th century.”

Those conversations led to the establishment of Westminster Encampment, a 140- acre piece of property that later moved to land that is now known as Mo-Ranch.

“It’s not surprising we’ve been together so long because we really share a very basic core commitment — a commitment to developing the whole person.”

A display with Mo-Ranch and Schreiner’s logos, along with the words “Mo-Ranch Loves Schreiner” will be on display at Mo-Ranch’s Mabee Registration Building.

For more information, contact Jenna Carpenter at 1.800.460.4401 ext. 224.


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