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For dedicated “Mo lifers” David (Dave) and Maribeth Story, Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly holds a special and highly cherished spot in their hearts. Their memories shared here include high school hangouts, a marriage proposal, quickly growing families, faithful friends and so much more.

Although Maribeth was first introduced to Mo-Ranch in 1971 at a church youth retreat, she quickly introduced her then-boyfriend, Dave, to the ranch while they were still in high school. Maribeth wanted to share the ranch with him, and his first visit took him quite by surprise. He was enraptured with the beauty of the ranch and the unique architecture of its landmark buildings.

“I’ve always enjoyed coming out to the ranch,” said Maribeth. “It’s always a spiritual experience for me. I enjoy feeling God’s presence in this beautiful place.”

Dave and Maribeth both view the ranch as a place where they can relax and rejuvenate their souls. After falling in love with each other and with Mo, Dave proposed to Maribeth on the ranch’s grounds. Since his initial introduction to Mo-Ranch, he has always viewed Mo as an integral part of their relationship and personal growth, and Mo-Ranch’s grounds offered the perfect, picturesque scenery to make for a memorable proposal.

Dave, Maribeth and their children have enjoyed numerous conferences and retreats over almost half of a century of visits. Their family is a mainstay at A.R.T. @ Mo, quilting retreats and high school church retreats. Maribeth is an avid quilter and enjoys creating scrapbook and needlework projects, and Dave is a devoted gardener who enjoys creating jewelry masterpieces. As time went on over their many visits to Mo, Dave and Maribeth felt the call to volunteer their time and talents back to its ministry and have taught and assisted in leading several conferences during their tenure.

Since her initial visit, Maribeth meets up with her girlfriends from that first youth group trip every year at Mo-Ranch. She views them as part of her “Mo-Ranch family,” and she can’t wait to see them every year. The Story family has enjoyed bringing various friend groups and even scout groups to visit the ranch. Dave and Maribeth especially encourage all that visit the ranch to become involved with the numerous different programs that Mo offers. The Story family and their children and grandchildren have made a dedicated commitment to continually visit and support the ranch. They hope that visitors alike establish their own “Mo-Ranch family” and are hopeful that others will join in their mission to donate and volunteer.

Dave and Maribeth believe that through donating and volunteering, they can help build special memories not only for themselves but for others on the ranch. Throughout their time spent at the ranch, the Story family has created three generations of “Mo lifers” and cannot wait to see what kind of legacy is left on a place by others that has brought them so much joy and love throughout the years. It’s because of their deep love of this spiritual place that the Storys have left a legacy of their own to Mo that will support the ranch’s ministry in perpetuity. This fall, the couple joined Mo-Ranch’s legacy society and will be inducted as members of The Circle M Club during the April 2019 Circle M Club Ceremony. To learn more about The Circle M Club, click here.

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