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The story of Jane and Lee Larkin’s connection to Mo began back in the 1970s when they thought they would simply be attending a church retreat that was located in the Hill Country—it ended up being so much more than that. That retreat would become the start of lifelong gatherings and incredible memories along the refreshing waters of the Guadalupe.

The couple first met through an adult singles’ group with St. Philip Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas. It was through their membership at St. Philip that they made their first journey to Mo-Ranch. One church retreat turned into many more years of retreats for them, and each of them have been filled with fellowship and spiritual nourishment—43 consecutive annual church retreats now, to be exact.

It didn’t take the Larkins or their church family long to realize that Mo-Ranch was a special place, and they soon found themselves searching for unique ways to support the ranch. Church members began collecting donation items and supplies for the ranch to help enhance the guest experience.

“Sometimes, it’s the small things that become overlooked in the busy seasons. Our church members collect hospitality and operational supplies that range from light bulbs to extra clothes hangers for the hotel rooms,” said Lee. “It’s these kinds of convenience items that can help make someone’s stay better, and a way that we all felt we could help contribute and give back to the ranch.”

Over the years of continued visits to Mo, the Larkins soon found themselves compelled to support to the ranch in other ways. If you have ever strolled around the ranch, you have probably walked past one of the monumental improvements they have made. If you have ever turned a corner around the Mabee Building, or found yourself inside the Trull Classrooms, you have been right beside one of their generous projects, the Larkin Digital Photo Lab.

Larkin Digital Photo Lab

Larkin Digital Photo Lab

The Larkin Digital Photo Lab was originally established and furnished in 1992 through a gift Jane and Lee made in the loving memory of their son, John P. Larkin. The digital photo lab is professionally equipped with state-of-the-art digital photography equipment for guests to enjoy and as a home to photography programs that Mo-Ranch hosts annually.

“John’s passion for photography lives on through every guest who visits the lab and learns the art of capturing the world around them,” said Jane.

The Larkins support hasn’t stopped with the establishment of the digital photo lab. In 2017, Jane and Lee made a generous contribution that would support the digital photo lab in perpetuity. The couple’s gift created an endowment that ensures the viability of the photo lab for years to come with software updates and maintains a valuable resource for future guests’ enjoyment.

“We are so grateful that a place like Mo-Ranch exists with a worshipping and learning community that welcomes all. It’s a place of peace, comfort and rejuvenation to anyone that finds themselves here,” said Jane. “Whether you are visiting the ranch for just the day, or attending one of the many retreats their programming offers, you are going to have an incredible and transformational experience.”



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