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Kenneth and Betsey Slack are loyal supports of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly whose connection to this ministry has been forged over time with numerous visits and many special memories. Ken was first introduced to Mo-Ranch by his wife, Betsey, through an initiative of their home church, Northridge Presbyterian, encouraging its Dallas congregation members to make the scenic journey to visit the ranch for its programming.

Ken’s initial reaction to the ranch was one of complete awe. “I was immediately impressed with the setting of Mo-Ranch,” said Ken. “Mo-Ranch is a real jewel for the Presbyterian Church—you just can’t beat the scenery and ambiance that its grounds offer. One of my favorite spots on the ranch is the Chapel on the Hill. I just truly love the feeling of being so close to God.”

As for many of Mo-Ranch’s Men’s Conference attendees, the conference is something that Ken attends faithfully, year after year, as he has for twelve years now. His favorite part is the fellowship and friendships that are deepened amongst his congregation members over the course of the weekend. Ken encourages men in his church family who have not yet attended to make the trip so that they, too, can see all that Mo has to offer while at the same time strengthening relationships with both old friends and new.

“I keep coming each year for the connections that I have made with the men in my congregation who are from all over Dallas and come from many different walks of life,” said Ken. “It’s kind of like when you go on a mission trip, you really get to bond with someone in a different way since you are spending so much time with one another. Some of the best memories I’ve made and conversations I’ve had have been within the walls of Loma Linda during those conference weekends.”

Ken and his beloved wife, Betsey, have always enjoyed their stays at the ranch and want to continue to support Mo to preserve this special place for the next generation, so they have the opportunity to forge their own memories, too. They choose to contribute to Mo-Ranch financially to sustain the future of its ministry and because they feel their money is being put to good use through the improvements that are being made to its buildings and grounds.

“It’s something special that I have enjoyed for so many years now, and I want the next generation to feel the same love and excitement I feel when I think about Mo,” said Ken. “Betsey and I know that Mo-Ranch is a good steward of the gifts we make and that our donations will serve a broad range of God’s people.”

In his spare time, Ken enjoys the great outdoors, and his hobbies include all types of fishing and quail hunting. However, there are no other wide-open spaces that he enjoys more than the beautiful Texas Hill Country and Mo-Ranch’s sprawling 500 acres each year annually during the first weekend of May.

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