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Marty Davis’ connection to Mo-Ranch began way back in 1963 with a story that’s similar to many other “Mo lifers.” He was first drawn to the ranch while attending a youth conference during his junior high years. Little did he know that his life was about to change in a big way!

As a young boy from Lubbock, he had no idea how beautiful and peaceful a place could be just hours from the dusty plains of West Texas. After attending many more summer conferences in the sunshine and wide-open spaces, Marty decided to make his visit a little more permanent by applying for a summer position on the ranch. He became a personal assistant to the then-current CEO of Mo-Ranch, O.O. West. One exciting summer turned into five, and it quickly became apparent to Marty that this special place on the headwaters of the flowing Guadalupe was his home away from home.

In 1983, Marty married the love of his life, Debbie. It was then that he reacquainted his affiliation with the Presbyterian Church and returned finally to Mo after a 15-year absence and rediscovered his love for the ranch. Since then, he has faithfully attended the Mo-Ranch Men’s Conferences almost every year and created many memories with his family within its 500-acres of paradise.

“Mo-Ranch is a place that needs to be shouted from the rooftops as a sacred and special place,” said Marty. “Whoever has been there has a story to tell. The ministry of Mo needs to be shared by so many more of God’s children. Mo is a special place where you can get away from modern technology and experience a peaceful time in God’s creation.”

Marty and Debbie support the ranch with their prayers, financial gifts and their time. The couple has been loyal donors since the 1990s and members of the ranch’s legacy society, The Circle M Club, since its inception. Marty has donated his time and service to the ministry of Mo by serving on its board throughout the years and now serves on its senior board of trustees.

“God, great leadership and many cheerful, dedicated souls have made Mo-Ranch the state-of-the-art facility that it is now, and it’s amazing to see how the preservation of Dan Moran’s dreams continue to be enhanced and thrive in this challenging world that we live in,” said Marty.

“I continue to give to Mo-Ranch because I know the money that is given here is spent wisely, with much prayer and careful planning. Mo-Ranch is a place that makes perpetual memories for all who travel through its gates. It is my dream that more churches, business retreats and families gather at the ranch in the future. I wish more people knew that Mo-Ranch isn’t restricted for a summer retreat or weekend getaway, but that it is a full 52-week experience that should be utilized to the fullest.”

Mo-Ranch is open year-round to the public to meet, stay, play and pray in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The crystal-clear river, hiking trails, sports activities and cozy accommodations create the perfect destination for any group.

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