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G. Philip Huey (Phil) is a tenured member of the Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly family who was first drawn to the ranch in the 1960s with a Presbyterian youth group during Labor Day weekend. His initial memories of Mo-Ranch as a young boy were so resounding that he found himself returning to the ranch for future visits to the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

“I was immediately impressed by the scenery and landscape of the ranch,” said Phil. “The potential that I saw in Mo made me want to be a vital part of preserving and supporting this special place.”

Along with his cherished memories of awe and wonder at Mo-Ranch’s atmosphere, Phil also created lifelong friends at Mo. He is a “Mo lifer” who has continued to return to Mo-Ranch for over half a century now. A true philanthropist at heart, Phil continually supports Mo-Ranch as it is a place that intertwines his love for history and conservationism. Phil avidly encourages anyone that is interested in the same to consider Mo-Ranch as a place to support through gifts of your time and monetary donations.

Phil believes strongly in Mo-Ranch’s mission and that it’s important to the institution of the Presbyterian Church—it’s because of this that he has made the decision to leave his mark on Mo-Ranch by becoming a member of Mo-Ranch’s legacy society, The Circle M Club. He aims to maintain and care for the ranch’s environment so that others can become Mo lifers like himself and enjoy the same picturesque Mo-Ranch for numerous years to come.

Phil currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and is a member of the Highland Park Presbyterian Church where he enjoys volunteering and participating in church activities. He is also a member of the board of directors for the Dallas Arboretum and devotes his time to surveying plants and climate circumstances in the Dallas metroplex. Phil hopes to assist in creating a farm-to-table garden and surveying trial plants to increase Dallas’ garden sustainability. He continually supports conservation throughout the state of Texas and is an enthusiastic supporter of Texas A&M University. Whoop!

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