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Rev. Nancy and Robert “Bob” Willet first encountered Mo-Ranch in the early ’80s while attending the Men’s and Women’s Conferences. “My first impression was one of serenity and beauty, and that it was the perfect place for Christians and families to gather together for fellowship and worship,” said Nancy.

The Willets were so impressed with the ranch that they soon found themselves visiting, time and time again. One of their favorite memories was at a family conference in 1986 when their youngest of three was still in diapers! “We loved spending time with the whole family at the ranch. It was such a good feeling to know our children could do their own thing for a while and be safe and taken care of,” said Nancy.

“When I think of the Texas Hill Country, Mo-Ranch pops into my head,” said Bob. “It’s a special place that calls you back for peace, comfort and renewal.”

Besides the Men’s and Women’s Conferences that first drew them to the ranch, they’ve faithfully attended many other programs over the years—Family Conference, Family Systems, Quilting Retreat, Small Church Pastor’s Retreat and the Women’s Bible Study Retreat, just to name a few. These programs have played an important part in each of their lives and friendships they’ve developed. Nancy has fellow quilting friends that she has stayed in touch and shares projects with, while Bob made friends from all across Texas through the fellowship at the Men’s Conferences. Over the years, the new friends that Bob made eventually became lifelong friends who would come just to see the First Presbyterian Church group from Mesquite.

“We choose to support Mo-Ranch because it is important to us—it is a place we call one of our spiritual homes. We have had so many meaningful experiences at the ranch, and we want those experiences to continue and be available for others to enjoy as well,” said Nancy.

“If you have ever been to Mo and had a great time, you are the perfect person to support this ministry. Your donation will not only enable you to continue enjoying the ranch and all it has to offer, but it will also ensure that generations to come will be blessed with the same joy you have experienced here.”

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