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Hidden deep in the Texas Hill Country, along the crystal-clear waters of the Guadalupe River, lies Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly—a place so sacred that it is often referred to as a “thin place.” For many, Mo-Ranch is a thin place that’s even considered home, and it’s a place that is constantly evolving and improving. This holy land would not be what it is today without the care and support of donors who consider Mo their home away from home, such as Sarah and Byron French.

During her youth, Sarah experienced firsthand how attending a Mo-Ranch conference can have a tremendous impact on a young person’s journey of faith. She first encountered the ranch when she attended Jr. High Jubilee, a Mo-Ranch sponsored program where youth come together to be inspired to grow in their faith by learning and living the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Mo-Ranch changes lives, and the camps and conferences offered are transformative for men and women of all ages and all faiths,” said Sarah. “Supporting Mo-Ranch helps more people experience God’s grace. We wish that more people knew that you can visit Mo-Ranch at any time for your own weekend getaway—simply as a guest, without attending a conference. The ranch has so much to offer, and there are activities and programs for all ages.”

While Bryon didn’t have the opportunity to experience Mo during his youth, he did grow up hearing plenty about Mo-Ranch from his grandmother, a lifelong Presbyterian who had many fond memories of visiting the ranch. It was a place that he couldn’t wait to experience for himself, and he finally was able to do so as an adult. It’s a place that he now treasures, too, and has made many fond Mo-Ranch memories of his own.

“We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Mo-Ranch together as a couple through many conferences such as the Senior High Celebration, Midwinters Youth, our All Church Retreat and Young Adult Weekend,” said Sarah. Some of our favorite memories are from attending youth conferences as volunteers for our church youth group and watching our young men and women explore their faith, mature as leaders and grow outside of their comfort zones to try new things. Throughout the years, Byron and I have witnessed young people be transformed through their experiences at Mo-Ranch.”

In just the last decade, Mo-Ranch has undergone an incredible transformation with many buildings being renovated, landscaping additions and numerous other improvements. These improvements are possible through the generosity of supporters such as Sarah and Byron—their gifts have made Mo-Ranch more attractive and welcoming, while at the same time preserving the character and history of the ranch.

“We support Mo so that other young people can have the same opportunities we did, and so that people of all ages can continue to benefit from this place that’s set apart to reconnect with God and deepen their faith,” said Sarah. “We’re grateful for the deep intergenerational bonds that our church family has forged in the time we’ve spent at the ranch together. Mo provides both the guidance to help us deepen our relationship with Christ and the sacred space to deepen our relationships with one another.”

The Frenches support Mo-Ranch through monetary gifts and gifts of their time. They have made a decision that will support the ranch for generations to come by joining Mo-Ranch’s legacy society—The Circle M Club. This is a club that’s near and dear to Sarah—she was instrumental in the development of the club, and they have been members since its inception. The couple has also served on the planning team for Mo-Ranch’s Young Adult Weekend, and Sarah has been a member of Mo-Ranch’s board of trustees since 2015.

Sarah and Byron call Austin, Texas, their home when they are not at Mo-Ranch, and they are active members of University Presbyterian Church. When they’re not busy improving the ranch, they are spending their time with their 15-month-old son, Charles Simeon French. Their family is expanding, and they are excited to announce they are expecting their second child in July—both future Mo-Ranch campers!


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