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Nestled on a cliffside, overlooking the glittering Guadalupe River, sits Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly’s Inspiration Point—a place where many have wandered through the paths with the chirping birds and buzzing bees, and have sat in comfortable solace or gathered together to appreciate God’s handiwork. To many, Inspiration Point provides just that: inspiration. To others, like the Woodhouse family, it holds a much more symbolic and integral spot in their hearts and minds.

The Woodhouse family, Lyn, John, JC and Deborah, have been avid visitors of Mo-Ranch for more than 30 years. JC, Lyn and John’s son, said he and his father discovered the undeveloped cliffside and its breathtaking views one day while they were hiking through some uncharted territory during one of their many father-son adventures at Mo. After that first encounter, the Woodhouses started the movement of turning the cliffside into what is now known as Inspiration Point.

“We always loved going on excursions around the ranch,” said JC. “We were really able to bond over our passion of being outdoors, as well as forging traditions of visiting the ranch, exploring the grounds and building friendships.”

Together, father and son saw the potential of Inspiration Point and decided to assist in creating a new, wonderful space for all to enjoy. Inspiration Point was later dedicated in honor of the late John F. Woodhouse. The Woodhouses have come to know Mo as a place in which to build their family traditions, create memories with their friends and forge a legacy for generations to come.

“I thoroughly enjoying visiting the ranch,” said Deborah. “It reminds me of when I was at camp as a Girl Scout. It’s fun to be able to come to a place that makes you feel young and alive every time you return.”

The Woodhouse family has woven many traditions and legacies at Mo-Ranch through their active involvement with their church’s congregational retreats, family retreats, Mo-Ranch programs and Circle M Club. Lyn and her late husband, John, were, in fact, one of the first couples to join the Circle M Club. JC and Deb always enjoy their long-time tradition of visiting Mo on Memorial Day weekend with their church, St. Thomas Presbyterian Church, Houston. Throughout their time spent at the ranch and their fierce loyalty to Mo-Ranch’s mission, the Woodhouse family has created three generations of “Mo Lifers” and cannot wait to see what kind of legacy is left by others on a place that has brought them so much joy and love throughout the years.

In their spare time, the Woodhouses go on family canoe excursions as a part of a larger, multigenerational recreational canoeing group. They also enjoy creating memories with their family and friends who have become like family in places and spaces that bring them closer to God and nature. They love returning to Mo-Ranch’s grounds as they feel a spiritual and sacred connection to the land, and they hope that others who visit the ranch feel the same. To learn more about visiting the ranch and special landmarks, like Inspiration Point, click here.

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