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$300,000 is still needed in support of the annual fund. You can help get us there!

You make the difference with your support. Transformation happens because of you: lives transformed, faith deepened, faith renewed – you make this possible. The mission… to encourage growth in God through Jesus Christ by sharing our unique living, learning, Christian environment.

Because of you – lives are changed.

There is a little known reality – it’s always been this way – with your donation, you support 28 cents of every dollar required for Mo-Ranch to operate. Without you, the ministry of Mo-Ranch does not continue.

Your financial commitment to the daily operating fund of Mo-Ranch is vital!

Without you, over 40,000 people a year would lose even the possibility of experiencing the transformational power of Mo.

We are moving towards long-term sustainability – the strategic plan projects that by 2019 we’ll be there.

You keep us on track.

You asked for Mo-Ranch to freshen the programs and improve the lodging. You asked, and we are delivering what you want for your Mo-Ranch!

Because of you, families come together and their familial bonds are strengthened, children hear the good news of the gospel and youth are creating art and learning what our schools no longer teach.

You make it possible for pastors, the servants of the Church, to come and enjoy the renewing waters of the Guadalupe and explore the treasures in a library reserved here just for them, at much reduced rates.

The creative arts ministry is being led by an award-winning sculptor who holds an MFA and has over 20 years of teaching children to love and know the power of art. But there’s more – woven into the art program – children and youth dive into and explore the call from Jesus to feed the poor, to “praise the Lord with a new song”, to learn, to see, sense and preserve the earth which God has entrusted to our care. It’s more that art – it’s discovery and stewardship linking the disciplines. You, by your support, are changing the next generation.

Your generosity is the fuel that drives this ministry. Because of you, Mo will thrive!

Click here to view a list of our current capital needs.

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Grace and peace,

Dick Powell

President and CEO
Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly

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