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The following is a list of offered activities. Camper's choice, weather, age level appropriateness, and Counselor discretion all play a part in determining which activities are selected.

Some activities, such as reptiles and canoeing are the same each week because of their popularity, while others such as Bible stories, arts and crafts, and the high ropes course will have different lessons weekly for those campers who attend more than one session throughout the summer.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Archery
  • Bible Study
  • Nature Discovery - bird watching, fishing, hiking, insects, reptiles
  • Canoeing
  • Games - kickball, playground, sand volleyball, soccer   
  • High Ropes Course
  • Swimming - at the pool, river and rapids
  • Songs and Skits

NEW THIS YEAR! We’ve added three Theme Weeks for 2016!

These sessions will partake in all the usual activities, but with a twist directly related to that week’s theme.  

Session 3: Nature Ickyology

Slimy snails, regurgitating owls, and vomiting vultures – although all these things might seem gross to us, God made them all for a reason.  This camp is perfect for those interested in exploring the “ickier” side of nature! 

Session 6: Outdoor Master Chef

From classic campfire favorites, to foods with a twist – we’ll learn to view nature as our kitchen!  We’ll take our cooking skills to the next level by using a campfire, camp stove and even a solar oven.  Campers will get a chance to experiment with different outdoor cooking styles and taste the fruits of their labor! 

Session 9: Art All Around 

This week is all about letting your creative juices flow!  We will create works using Mother Nature as inspiration.  We’ll utilize many different types of material for projects, such as: paints, clays, fabrics, natural materials and recycled materials.