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Lynn Museum

The R. Matthew Lynn Museum is named for a Presbyterian leader who was instrumental in the acquisition and development of Mo-Ranch in 1949 as a Presbyterian Assembly. The museum, dedicated in 1990, is located in part of a building that was originally the ranch creamery.

Exhibits are arranged in a chronological order of the use of the land that is Mo-Ranch. Beginning with the earliest inhabitants of the land, the Native Americans, the displays move through the Ranching, Dan Moran and Presbyterian eras. Paralleling the chronological pattern is the theme of people as reflected in the narrative that accompanies each exhibit. The Lynn Museum also reflects the faith commitment of this special place through the use of Psalms at the beginning of each exhibit.

Guests are encouraged to take a self-guided tour. If the museum is not already open during your visit, please contact the Front Desk for a key.



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