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Summer Camp Jobs at Mo-Ranch

Common questions about camp positions

What Is Mo-Ranch?

Mo-Ranch is a camp and conference center, open to the public for retreats, camps, reunions and much more. We are a place where families, churches, schools and individuals gather in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We are open 365 days a year, and welcome the largest numbers of visitors during the summer months.

How Do I Join In & Become A Part Of Mo-Ranch Summer Camp's Staff?

Just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: First, please read thoroughly the summer camp expectations to make sure this would be a good fit for you!

Step 2: Then read over the summer camp job descriptions at the bottom of this page for our open job postings and decide which one(s) might suit you best.

Step 3: Apply now! Please contact us at 800.460.4401 ext. 249 with any questions.

Step 4: You can apply online. After you’ve completed your application, our staff will reach out to set up a video interview! Note: all applicants who are offered a position must submit to drug screening by urinalysis and a criminal background check.

What Kind Of Camp Jobs Are Available?

Positions will be open for summer camp counselors, day camp counselors, media counselors, leadership development program coordinator, ropes course coordinator, counselor for the arts, aquatics coordinator and camp health manager/nurse.

Are There Age Requirements?

Yes, camp counselors and camp staff must have graduated high school and be at least 18 years of age. 

Do I Have To Be Presbyterian?

No, you do not have to be Presbyterian. Over 30,000 unique guests come through our gates every year, some are Presbyterian, some are not and the same is true of our staff. We do, however, expect our summer camp staff to help us create and maintain the kind of place where people of all faiths are welcomed and can grow together.

What About Housing?

Summer camp counselors will reside in Loma Linda, our dormitory housing where our summer campers will reside, too! Loma Linda includes a private counselor lounge that is the common space and meeting area of the building.

What About Compensation And Benefits?

All employees are paid bi-monthly and are salary positions. As a convenient benefit to our team members Mo-Ranch pays via direct deposit. When you are off, you are welcome to enjoy the recreational opportunities Mo-Ranch has to offer – sharing them with our guests. Kerrville is a 30 minute drive and Hunt is a15 minute drive.

Camp staff expectations:

Camp staff are an integral part of the ministry that takes place at Mo-Ranch during the summer months.

As such, Mo-Ranch expects that you will:

  • Participate fully in the ministry of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, learning and abiding by its policies and practices
  • Accept our invitation to living in covenant community in assigned housing at Mo-Ranch
  • If living in Caleb Fletcher Staff House (Day Camp): then participate in all house meetings, study and excursions, and share in house chores
  • Do your best to deal lovingly and carefully with guests and staff
  • Not consume at any time; including days off, alcoholic beverages
  • Abide by State and Federal laws regarding use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs
  • Refrain from using tobacco products as a Summer Camp Counselor on Mo-Ranch property
  • Only use your cell phone during your time off.  Cell phones must be stored in Caleb Fletcher house (Day Camp) and Staff Lounge (Summer Camp) when on duty.  Wi-fi is available in common guest areas and Caleb Fletcher and can be accessed during off time.
  • Abide by a midnight curfew to be back in Loma Linda Dorm (Summer Camp)
  • Accept other duties as assigned

Camp staff are an integral part of the ministry that takes place at Mo-Ranch during the summer months.

Your next adventure could be here!

Summer Camp Jobs

Summer Camp, Camp Counselor Mo-Ranch Summer Camp counselors live in a dorm setting with other campers and ensure the overall safety and well-being of each camper. Responsibilities include supervision of campers at all times, leading Bible study, and teaching activities.  Counselors are role models for all campers and dedicated to each camper’s personal and spiritual growth.

Summer Camp, Day Camp Counselor Mo-Ranch Day Camp counselors provide a safe, fun, instructive summer day camp experience for children in a Christian, caring, safe, positive, and enthusiastic environment. A genuine interest in teaching children new skills and guiding children in their personal growth is imperative.

Summer Camp, Health Manager The Mo-Ranch Summer Camp health manager provides general medical care and first aid primarily for campers and staff. Additional responsibilities include dispensing over-the-counter and prescription medications and maintaining necessary records of medical forms on campers and staff, including records of physical exams, health history and health screening.

Summer Camp, Health Assistant – The Mo-Ranch Summer Camp Health Assistant will assist the Health Manager in the care and first aid of campers and staff.  Additional responsibilities include updating medical forms of campers and staff and driving campers to the health clinic, if needed.  Nursing Students preferred.  Must be over 21 years old and have a clean driving record. 

Summer Camp, Leadership Development Coordinator The LDP (Leadership Development Program) coordinator trains, supervises, and counsels LDP participants (16-18-years-old) and guides them in servant leadership. Previous camp experience required.

Summer Camp Media Manager Mo-Ranch Summer Camp will be hiring two photography media managers and one videography media manager who will be responsible for capturing the story of summer camp at Mo-Ranch through daily photos and video clips of summer campers.

Outdoor Activities Coordinator Delivers high ropes activities and specialized outdoor adventure based activities that are safe, fun and appropriate to the campers’ age and abilities. This includes archery, mountain biking and outdoor skills classes. Will also serve as a counselor with a group when not on duty during activities.

Apply today!

Mo-Ranch Summer Camp Employment Application

To apply for a Summer Camp staff position (with the exception of our camp health care manager), please complete our online application—don’t forget to complete our background check certification and consent to testing form. To apply for the camp health manager position, please complete the Camp Health Care Manager PDF application, background check certification and consent to testing form.

You can email your forms or questions to For more information, please contact our human resources, at (800) 460-4401 ext. 273 or



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