Annual Giving

Today Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly serves more than 40,000 men, women and children each year seeking spiritual nourishment, fellowship, relaxation and renewal.

Your support is vital to the overall Mo-Ranch financial picture. Gifts we receive make up twenty-eight cents of every dollar that is needed to operate this special ministry. We must raise close to $1.6M annually for operations and deferred maintenance.

Your gift supports Mo-Ranch in four important ways:

  1. It closes the gap needed for Mo-Ranch to operate and offsets rising operating costs.
  2. It provides maintenance and care that is needed to upkeep our facilities.
  3. It allows others to experience this special place that otherwise would not be able to do so.
  4. Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund allow the greatest flexibility to meet our most urgent needs.

Please make a contribution to the Mo-Ranch annual fund. Your support matters.

For questions or for options on other ways to support Mo-Ranch, contact Karen Langley, Director of Development, at 512.627.8664, or email

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