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Environmental Leadership Program

Mo-Ranch is the home of the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), a hands-on outdoor/environmental education program located along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country. We use approximately 500 acres of Mo-Ranch property and a half mile of Guadalupe River frontage as a classroom.

Taking learning outside of the classroom

Mo-Ranch takes learning beyond the bounds of the classroom by combining cutting edge and highly customizable programs with its natural learning environment in the great outdoors of the Texas Hill Country.

The Mo-Ranch Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) has been impacting the lives of school and private groups for over 30 years with its unforgettable outdoor and environmental education experience.

We offer a fully customizable program style that allows you the opportunity to create a unique adventure that will fit your school’s goals and needs. Programs can be tailored to fit any school trip’s timeframe, but typically range from one to five days in length for students between 5th-12th grade.


The recreation facilities of Mo-Ranch provide the perfect outdoor classroom on the land, in the water and even in the air.

A variety of housing options are available, all of which are climate-controlled and provide separate sleeping areas for males and females.

Meals are served in the King Dining Hall, where our kitchen staff prepares three nutritious meals a day and accommodates special dietary needs with advanced notice. 

Our Goals

To make use of the natural outdoor environment as an alternative education setting for activities that promote personal, academic and spiritual growth.


  • To promote growth in group cooperation and leadership skills, self-confidence and self-worth through challenging activities in a supportive environment.
  • To promote a sense of community involvement, belonging and responsibility through daily living in a residential setting.
  • To stimulate interest and achievement in academics through hands-on, interdisciplinary activities that show real life relevancy.
  • To develop environmental awareness and an understanding of responsible management of our natural resources, through learning and living in the natural environment.
  • To provide the individual and/or group an opportunity for spiritual growth through reflection in a natural environment, free from many of society’s daily distractions.
  • To provide positive adult role modeling through the participant’s interactions with the ELP staff and their group leaders.

Explore Our Environmental Leadership Classes




Discovery Walk

Farm to Plate

Freshwater Ecology


Owl Study

Wildlife Ecology



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