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Summer Camp!

Ages 8-15

Mo-Ranch Summer Camp is a co-ed residential Christian summer camp that’s located along the north fork of the Guadalupe River in the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Our summer camp, founded in 1977, is a place where your child will grow in character, faith and confidence through meaningful relationships in a Christ-centered natural setting. Being at camp gives your child the opportunity to disconnect from technology and grow alongside new friends, their counselors and God.

Below are the protocols we have in place to ensure everyone has a healthy and fun summer!

Mo-Ranch Summer Camp Communicable Diseases and Contagious Illnesses Protocol

Click here for more health and safety information from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.



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“Couldn’t be happier with Mo-Ranch! My son gets excited to go and has begged to attend the two week sessions the last couple years! Great place to entrust your children and their spiritual growth!”

Camper Parent

“Mo-Ranch Summer Camp has been a wonderful experience for my daughter for the past eight years. This was her last year as a camper, and she is so excited to continue the experience, but in a different role. In her words, ‘Mo-Ranch is where she can go to experience Jesus,’ and she has so much fun with all the activities.”

Camper Parent, Nancy Doan

“Mo-Ranch Summer Camp has been one of the biggest positive influences in our daughters’ lives. They have made lifelong friends, enjoyed amazing activities, and grown in their relationship with God. Mo-Ranch is the perfect spot to send your children for summer camp!”

Camper Parents, Ellen & Ralph Benson

This was my son’s first year at camp. He loved the Hill Country! If I could give it 10 stars I would, he still hasn’t stopped talking about it. There were lots of activities for the kids and small group ratios. They also take lots of great pictures of the kids enjoying the camp activities. They had a very organized check in/out procedure and the staff is wonderful!

Camper Parent, Melissa Willson

Did you know we offer scholarships for summer camp?



Camp is a life-changing experience where your child will mature in independence, build confidence and grow in their faith.

Mo-Ranch Summer Camp provides an environment where children can focus on having fun and making friends rather than school and their many responsibilities. We provide a safe space for children to express themselves, form new friendships and have new experiences. Camp isn’t just about doing activities, but about making memories that will last a lifetime! Our goal is for campers to leave with a sense of accomplishment, newfound independence, and a strengthened connection with God.

Community is an integral part of our Christian lives. By living, eating, playing, praying and learning together, we set the table for our campers to experience a Christian community they can call their own. 




Christian Living • Creativity • Critical Thinking • Communication • Collaboration

At Mo-Ranch Summer Camp, we intentionally focus on the 5 Cs of our camp—Christian Living, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration—through programming, planning, the words we speak and the actions we take during each session. It’s our mission to ensure that each camper experiences the transformative power of summer camp during their time at Mo-Ranch.

Through our unique camp programming, we create a Christian living community where campers disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and have the opportunity to connect with new friends and counselors, all while growing in their faith. Campers will be challenged to think creatively, intellectually, communicatively and collaboratively, and leave Mo-Ranch Summer Camp changed for the better.

Discounts for Camps

Discounts Available

Refer a Mo-Ranch newbie to camp and save big on camp!

Summer camp is better with friends. That’s why Mo-Ranch’s “Refer a Mo-Ranch newbie” discount makes it easy to bring your friends to camp this summer—and big savings.

We offer a 5% sibling discount to campers after one has registered at the full-price! No promo code is necessary, and the discount will automatically apply during online registration.

Go to our Dates and Rates page to learn all the details about our referral offerings.



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Why your child will love
Mo-Ranch Summer Camp


Fun and activities!

Mo-Ranch has something for every camper. Whether your child seeks adventure, classic camp activities or the arts, Mo-Ranch has it all! We offer activities ranging from rappelling off the catwalk and whizzing down our 480-ft zip line, to swimming in the crystal clear water of the Guadalupe River or letting campers unleash their creative spirit during craft time. 


Friendships are an integral part of the camp experience. Living in a community together encourages friendships to develop, grow and flourish. Whether it is because of the screen-free day-to-day life that allows more time to connect, the successes and failures experienced side-by-side or the camp traditions that are practiced together year after year, camp friends often become lifelong friends.

Why you will love
Mo-Ranch Summer Camp


A safe and nurturing environment

Your child will be under the care and supervision of trained, qualified counselors in a Christian setting. Our counselors serve as role models and mentors. Mo-Ranch Summer Camp counselors and staff members are carefully selected for their responsibility, spiritual maturity, leadership skills, love for children and activity knowledge. Many of our staff are past campers and have grown up enjoying Mo-Ranch programs.

Small staff-to-camper ratios

The American Camp Association (ACA) has a minimum staff-to-camper ratio that ranges from 1:6 to 1:10, varying based upon the ages and needs of the campers. Mo-Ranch Summer Camp believes that smaller ratios are better for overall morale, bonding and building community in each session. Smaller ratios also ensure better safety for our campers and one-on-one attention. Because of this, our average staff-to-camper ratio is intentionally small—it’s currently 1:4!

Role models

All counselors must have completed one year of college and go through comprehensive reference checks, a criminal background check and drug screening. Counselors receive specific training in areas such as child behavior management, age level expectations, safety and emergency procedures and child abuse prevention. Additionally, counselors receive certifications in first aid and CPR. We hire counselors that are more than fun and enthusiastic—they are counselors that are role models and embody a Christian lifestyle.

A Christian atmosphere

All campers participate in a daily Bible study that is relevant and age-appropriate and that focuses on a relationship with Jesus Christ. Wherever your child may be on their spiritual journey, Mo-Ranch Summer Camp staff is there to guide them as they develop a deeper connection to God.

Benefits of Overnight Camp



At Mo-Ranch Summer Camp, it’s all about enjoying the ride. At Mo-Ranch you are able to stay present in the moment and enjoy each activity or new adventure without added pressures or expectations. Campers are free to be their true selves.

Ability to “better read” peers

Unplugging is good! A recent study shows that sixth-graders that gave up all technological devices cold turkey for just five days and attended outdoor camp were substantially better at reading human emotions than their peers that did not. In a world full of smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs, your child might balk at the idea of not having access to screens during their time at Mo-Ranch. However, upon arrival until departure on the last day, technology will be the last thing on your child’s mind. Your child will enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, engage in teamwork, and build friendships—all while communicating face-to-face. In today’s society, these skills are often hard to develop and grow when many aspects of one’s everyday life revolves around technology.


Children learn to figure things out without their parents, learn to live with other kids, become engaged members of a community and discover their likes and dislikes by trying out new things. These are invaluable lessons that are imperative for a successful adult life.

Healthy risk-taking

Whether it’s taking a fish off the line for the first time or taking the lead role in a group skit, camp can encourage a child to step outside of their comfort zones. Camp is a great place for a child to try something new in a safe environment!


American Camp AssociationMo-Ranch Summer Camp is extremely proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association. The American Camp Association has been in existence for more than 90 years and “works to preserve, promote, and improve the camp experience.” To receive accreditation, camps must meet up to 300 standards for health, safety and program quality. Mo-Ranch Summer Camp is also inspected and licensed by the Texas Department of Health.


Mo-Ranch Summer Camp is a proud member of the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA). We recognize that today’s generation lives in a noisy world constantly bombarded with images and messages that capture their attention and keep them distracted from the things that matter most. CCCA works with Mo-Ranch Summer Camp to provide camp experiences that allow campers to escape their hectic everyday lives, to get a clearer picture of God’s love for them and discover their purpose and passion through Him.


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