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Mo-Ranch Board of Trustees

The Mo-Ranch Board of Trustees is a diverse group of people. Each represents the many interests, cultures and talents of our guests.

• Mrs. Joan Hudson, Trustee, Chair of the Board
• The Reverend David Evans, Trustee, Vice Chair of the Board
• The Reverend Bill Poe, Trustee, Secretary of the Board
• Mrs. Ellen Benson, Trustee
• Mrs. Meg Bierwirth, Trustee
• Mr. Jerry Camp, Trustee
• Mr. Joe de la Fuente, Trustee
• Mrs. Sarah French, Trustee
• Mr. John Galbraith, Trustee
• Mr. Butch Gerfers, Trustee
• Mrs. Karla Gillan, Trustee
• Mrs. Charlotte Harper, Trustee
• Mr. Bryan King, Trustee
• Mr. Robert Laird, Trustee
• Mrs. Karen McCracken, Trustee
• Mr. Ben Nichols, Trustee
• Mrs. Martha Richardson, Trustee
• Mr. Kevin Starnes, Trustee
• Mrs. Jane Wolter-Williamson, Trustee

• The Reverend Dick Powell, President & CEO, Ex-Officio


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