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Ropes and Rock Climbing

Located on one of the highest points on Mo-Ranch (the views from the high ropes elements are awesome), the ropes course is an adventure-based, hands-on experience where individuals come together to learn more about themselves, their classmates or co-workers, and how to work together to overcome challenges. Carefully constructed, the course is a collection of poles, cables and ropes strung together into elements, individual activities that challenge individuals and groups in distinctive ways.

The low elements course emphasizes teamwork as participants tackle a series of obstacles and situations that require cooperation.

. The high elements literally raise participants to new heights, challenging them to stretch their comfort zones.

The level of involvement is entirely at each participant’s discretion. Our professional outdoor education staff has more than 50 years combined experience in facilitating ropes courses, and we follow the strictest standards.

Whether it’s a youth group, a group of professionals, a mixture of young and old–or simply friends wanting to have fun together–we can provide life-changing experiences!

Ropes course activities and rock climbing sessions require advanced reservations. Programming is uniquely tailored to fit every group’s needs. For group pricing or reservations, contact DJ Owens at 800.460.4401ext. 249.

High element activities are designed for participants to expand their comfort zones, challenge themselves, face their fears and build personal confidence.

Activities include:
Taking a ride on the Zip 480
Rappelling off the 55’ high Catwalk
Swinging on the 52’ high Big Gulp
Climbing the Bell Tower and ringing the cowbell
Jumping for the trapeze from the Mo-Pole
& so much more!

Low element activities are carefully designed, team building activities. Each element requires your group to communicate, cooperate and participate with each other to reach the desired goal.

The two forms used for ropes participants are available here online as Adobe Acrobat .pdf documents.  These forms can also be mailed to you from the OEM office, if you prefer.

Each of the Participant forms contains a Release form and a general registration and health form. Just print them, fill them out in pen, and mail or fax them to us (see the contact info at the very bottom of this page).


Ropes Minor Participant Form  Ropes Adult Participant Form



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