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The columbarium at Serenity Hill

Mo-Ranch is a sacred place where, for generations, individuals and families have gathered together seeking worship, fellowship, relaxation and renewal. Serenity Hill allows these visitors an opportunity to memorialize their loved ones, surrounded by these sacred grounds and their faith in the form of a columbarium.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a physical place of remembrance and celebration of life. It is a permanent structure designed with recessed compartments, referred to as niches, for placing urns containing cremated remains.

Where is the columbarium at Serenity Hill located?

Serenity Hill is located in the beautiful outdoor setting of Mo-Ranch, just below Chapel on the Hill, connected by a pathway leading to Inspiration Point.

Columbarium View

Who is Serenity Hill available to?

Mo-Ranch is an institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but has always welcomed people of all faiths to enjoy this beautiful place. In the same spirit, Serenity Hill is open to all.

Celebrate your loved one(s) in the following ways:


Designed in the shape of a cross, the columbarium provides niches for urns around the perimeter of the cross itself.

The cross has niches measuring 8×8″, or 12×12″ each. Each niche will accommodate one or two urns. The face of the niche will be engraved with the name, birthdate and date of death of your loved one(s).


In-Ground Interment

Serenity Hill provides many places for those preferring in-ground interment of the urns. Each site is marked by a stone engraved with the name and dates of birth and death. Certain areas consisting of multiple in-ground interment sites may be reserved for use as a family interment site, where family members may be interred in the future.


Scattering Ashes and Memorial Plaques

Serenity Hill provides opportunities for ashes to be scattered at Mo-Ranch.Those choosing to scatter ashes will be provided an engraved brass memorial plaque that contains the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased.

People can also elect to honor the memory of persons who are buried elsewhere by providing for a memorial plaque. Special places on the walls of the pavilion or adjacent thereto are set aside for the permanent display of these special memorials.

Memorial Options and Prices:


Inurnment in the columbarium Presbyterian pricing Non-Presbyterian pricing
8”x8” niche $2,500 $3,000
12”x12” niche $3,500 $4,000
12”x12” plus urns $3,750 $4,250
Memorial plaque/scattering ashes $1,500 $1,750
In-ground interment $5,000 $6,000

Prices listed are a one-time fee and includes the reservation of space for two urns, engravings and ongoing care for Serenity Hill. Prices do not include the cost of cremation.

How can you reserve your columbarium niche space or other memorial options?

Contact us at 800.460.4401 to request an application, or click here to download it. Please ask to speak to the Serenity Hill administrator during your call to be transferred to the appropriate department.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a niche, interment site or memorial plaque, and my plans change down the line, can I cancel my reservation and get my money refunded?

The owner may cancel a reservation for a niche, an interment site, or a memorial plaque by providing written notice of cancellation to the administrator of the Serenity Hill.

If the remains of the person or persons designated on the final accepted reservation have not been inurned in the niche or interred in a site within either five years—unless notice is given to and approved by administration—after the person’s death or 130 years after the person’s birth, the reservation will be cancelled.

If the remains of the person or persons designated on the final accepted reservation are inurned or interred and subsequently removed by a member of the deceased family or to comply with law, the reservation will be canceled.

In all cases of cancellation of a reservation as set forth above, no compensation will be paid or refunding of reservation fees will be made to either the reservation owner or the designated person or persons or their estates or families.

What does my family need to do in order to conduct a service at Serenity Hill and is there an additional fee?

Families or others scheduling services of committal may choose to conduct those as interment services or to host a worship service at The Chapel on the Hill or in other Mo-Ranch facilities suitable for worship, including the historic Chapel. The use of these facilities must be reserved in advance and the proposed service must be discussed in advance with the president of Mo-Ranch or his designee. The fee for such services is included in Serenity Hill pricing.

If the person officiating at a committal is a clergy person from any faith tradition, the president of Mo-Ranch would expect to extend to the officiant an invitation to conduct the worship service as a matter of ecclesiastical courtesy.

Can I visit my loved ones at Serenity Hill at any time?

The Serenity Hill is designed to be available to Mo-Ranch visitors consistent with Mo-Ranch’s regular operating hours. All visitors to Mo-Ranch must check in with the registration desk and are expected to behave in a way that honors Serenity Hill.

What happens to Serenity Hill if Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly ceases to exist?

Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, by its charter and by a covenant agreement, provides that if for any reason it ceases to exist as a corporate entity or can no longer continue operations as a camp and conference center, ownership of its assets will be vested in the Synod of the Sun (or its successor) of the Presbyterian Church (USA) for the same uses. These provisions provide assurance that in the unlikely event that Mo-Ranch ceases to exist as an organization, administration of the Serenity Hill would remain in the control of the larger church.

Can I supply my own urns for the niche I have purchased at Serenity Hill?

The only urns that can be used in the 8”x 8” niche or interment are the urns provided by Serenity Hill and included in the fee. For those who purchase a 12”x 12” niche may supply their own urns or can purchase urns through Mo-Ranch for $250.

The size and style of the inscription on each niche and on each marker for an in-ground interment and on a memorial plaque is as prescribed by the Serenity Hill. Inscriptions will include the information shown on the final accepted reservation. The deceased’s name and dates of birth and death will be inscribed. The deceased name will be permanently marked on the urn. Serenity Hill will arrange for the inscriptions, which also are included in the fee.

I am interested in a Serenity Hill memorial option. Do you have a payment plan?

Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly offers Serenity Hill payment plans on all columbarium and memorial reservation options. Serenity Hill reservation holders must provide the appropriate down payment, paperwork and agree to fulfill payment within three years to secure their desired niche or memorial option.

Payment Plan Options:
8×8 niche: $750 down
12×12 niche: $750 down
12×12 niche with urns: $750 down
In-ground interment: $750 down
Three year payment plan:

Memorial Option Down Payment First Year Payment Second Year Payment Third Year Payment
8×8 niche $750 $584 – Presbyterian $584 – Presbyterian $584 – Presbyterian
    $750 – Non-Pres. $750 – Non-Pres. $750 – Non-Pres.
12×12 niche $750 $917 – Presbyterian $917 – Presbyterian $917 – Presbyterian
    $1,084 – Non-Pres. $1,084 – Non-Pres. $1,084 – Non-Pres.
12×12 niche with urns $750 $1,000 – Presbyterian $1,000 – Presbyterian $1,000 – Presbyterian
    $1,167 – Non-Pres. $1,167 – Non-Pres. $1,167 – Non-Pres.
In-ground interment $750 $1,417 – Presbyterian $1,417 – Presbyterian $1,417 – Presbyterian
    $1,750 – Non-Pres. $1,750 – Non-Pres. $1,750 – Non-Pres.

Down payment amounts are the same for Presbyterian and Non-Presbyterian pricing.
To set up your payment plan and reserve your niche at Serenity Hill today, please contact our Serenity Hill Administrator at 800.460.4401 or via email at



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