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At Mo-Ranch Summer Camp, we intentionally focus on the 5 Cs of our camp—Christian Living, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration—through programming, planning, the words we speak and the actions we take during each session. It’s our mission to ensure that each camper experiences the transformative power of summer camp during their time at Mo-Ranch.

Through our unique camp programming, we create a Christian living community where campers disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and have the opportunity to connect with new friends and counselors who are Christian role models, all while growing in their faith. Campers will be challenged to think creatively, intellectually, communicatively and collaboratively, and leave Mo-Ranch Summer Camp changed for the better, forever.

For information about 2022 please contact our summer camp office by calling 800-460-4401 ext. 234 

Day Camp Sessions & Themes

We are pleased to announce the Day Camp themes for 2022. 

Week 1,4,7: Adventureland: Calling all explorers and treasure hunters! This week we are going on an adventure; From digging up fossils, going on a “bear hunt”, creating our own kaleidoscopes, and more, you’ll be sure to experience camp to it’s fullest during Adventureland week!

Week 2,5,8: Challenge Week: We do a lot of crazy stuff here at camp, and this week is no different! Join us for Challenge week and you’re in for a series of goofy obstacle courses, riddles, absurd recipes, and maybe even breaking a World Record or two! Are YOU up for the challenge?

Week 3,6,9: Myth Busters: Fact or Fiction? Can you ACTUALLY fry an egg in the sun? Can you REALLY build a strong structure out of newspaper and spaghetti? Is the Beaver Shark real? We are putting these age-old questions and more to the test this week as we become Myth Busters!

Cost: $235

Day camp is a great way to experience what camp life is like for our residential-overnight summer campers! Weekly themes add a primary focus that helps keep camp new and refreshing for campers who are attending multiple weeks. Our day camp’s programming is built upon enjoying the beautiful facility and activities that Mo-Ranch offers, and every week will offer a “theme” for your camper’s enjoyment that we intertwine into a portion of your camper’s day.


Each week will follow the below structure:

Structure w/ 5Cs (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Christian Living, Critical Thinking)

  • Monday– Teamwork (Collaboration)
  • Tuesday– Individual Challenge (Critical Thinking)
  • Wednesday-Scavenger Hunt (Christian Living OR Communication)
  • Thursday-Cooking (Creativity)
  • Friday-Finale project (Communication OR Christian Living)

Week 1 (June 6-10):


Week 2 (June 13-17):

Challenge Week

Week 3 (June 20-24):


Week 4 (June 27-July 1):


Week 5 (July 4-8):

Challenge Week

Week 6 (July 11-15):


Week 7 (July 18-22):


Week 8 (July 25-29):

Challenge Week

Week 9 (Aug. 1-5):


Themes & activities are subject to change.

Day Camp Activities and Daily Schedule

The following is a list of offered activities. Camper’s choice, weather, age level appropriateness, and counselor discretion all play a part in determining which activities are selected.

Some activities, such as critters, big gulp and water front are the same each week because of their popularity, while others such as Bible stories and arts and crafts will have different lessons weekly for those campers who attend more than one session throughout the summer.

  • Arts and crafts
  • Archery
  • Big Gulp
  • Bible study
  • Cooking
  • Nature discovery – bird watching, fishing, hiking, insects, reptiles
  • Games – kickball, playground, sand volleyball, soccer, gaga ball
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Swimming – at the pool, river and rapids
  • Songs and skits



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