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Comfort and Hope for the Journey of Grief

February 19-21, 2021

A weekend retreat for adults who have experienced the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4 (NRSV)

Mo-Ranch and Faith & Grief Ministries are combining their respective gifts to make this retreat available, providing you with a safe venue to wrestle with the dynamics of grief and to experience significant measures of hope and encouragement. Whether you are standing in raw grief, navigating the chaos of grief’s confusion or recovering from a recent ambush of grief, this retreat is designed for you. Plan to experience comfort through scripture, spiritual practices and interaction within a compassionate community of men and women who “get it”—get the heartache, get the lingering sorrow, get the continual yearning to be with your loved one and get the longing for peace.

Reflections from prior workshop participants:

“It gave me a place to share, learn, and help others. It was a safe place to cry, laugh, make a joke or silently sit without fear of judgment. I learned very quickly that if I was going to survive this journey, not of my choosing, I needed to accept all the help God put in front of me.” “I cannot put my finger on it but it helped me SO much. I feel like my burden of grief has been lifted and lessened. It was grueling and wonderful. It was actually kind of miraculous!” Faith & Grief Ministries

Faith & Grief Ministries provides resources for on-going comfort to persons who have experienced the death of a loved one. This Ministry of Compassion and Connection was founded by Sharon Balch, Wendy Fenn, MDiv., and Fran Shelton, DMin., and was established as a 501(c)3 in 2011. In addition to facilitating grief workshops, the ministry provides a distinctive, ongoing, adaptable model for caring organization to offer to persons in the process of grief and mourning. Register now, space is limited! Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us at 1.800.460.4401 ext. 246 or


We are working on updating our leadership for 2021 Comfort and Hope. Please peruse the leadership below, from 2020, as an example.

Leadership for this retreat will be provided by staff and team members from Faith & Grief Ministries. Each facilitator is a dedicated, compassionate, and supportive individual who has  experienced immense grief in his or her own way. Because of their experiences, they choose to serve others by providing the resources and sense of community to travel through their journey of grief knowing that they are not alone.  

We are working on updating the schedule for our 2021 Comfort and Hope. Please peruse the schedule below, from 2020, as an example of some of the activities available.

Comfort and Hope 2020 Schedule



Cost and Housing

All participants will be housed in hotel-style lodging. Rates include tuition, meals and housing. After receiving your registration, a member of our team will contact you within seven business days to confirm additional details such as housing requests (roommates), dietary needs, t-shirt sizes, etc. 

Single Occupancy $590

Double Occupancy $455

Thanks to a generous donor, each participant will receive $100 off the total cost of the retreat. 


Full refund minus $75.00 administrative fee per person will be made if cancellation is received more than 30 days prior to the conference. There are generally no refunds for cancellations received on or after 30 days prior to the start of the event nor any applying of the amount paid toward other charges or future conferences.

Scholarships are available! Click here to learn more.

We understand that during these difficult circumstances finances may be dedicated towards other needs and obligations, and we want to encourage all who are interested in this retreat to apply for our scholarship program. We want to provide the healing and spiritual support you need during this time while also supporting your grief journey financially as much as we can fiscally.

Arrival and Departure

Conference registration begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday and the conference concludes before lunch on Sunday.

What to Bring

Bible, notebook, flashlight, hair dryer, rain gear. Linens are provided. Bring shoes suitable for Mo-Ranch’s rocky, uneven terrain.


Mo-Ranch is 90 miles one-way, or a 2-hour drive from the nearest airport (SAT), allow 3 hours travel/check-in time for departures. We recommend generally scheduling arriving flights before 3 p.m. and departing flights after 3 p.m. to be sure you do not miss any of your event.

If you are in need of shuttle service to Mo-Ranch, call Kars for Hire in Kerrville at (830) 890-8200 at least 15 days in advance to arrange transportation from San Antonio International Airport.

Click here for directions to Mo.

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