Sample Daily Schedule
  Hour Activity 
8:40 am Arrive at Mo-Ranch
9:00 1st Activity
10:15 Snack Time
10:30 2nd Activity
11:45 pm Lunch
12:45 Bible Stories
1:35 Lazy Time
2:15 Aquatic Activities and Snacks
4:30 Wrap Up and Pack Up
4:50 Depart From Mo-Ranch

Transportation Schedule
  Hour Location 
Pick upWe try to leave from the pick up site at these times
7:45 am Wal-Mart in Kerrville
8:00 am Ingram City Park 
8:15 am Hunt Volunteer Fire Dept.
Drop off We try to arrive at the site no later than these times
5:10 pm Hunt Volunteer Fire Dept.
5:25 pm Ingram City Park 
5:45 pm Wal-Mart in Kerrville