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What to Pack

Mo-Ranch Summer Camp Packing List

Remember to label all personal items!

All medications will need to be turned in during registration including over the counter medications. Please do not pack them.

Campers will be doing a swim check upon arrival so please pack swim gear on top.


  • 8 T-shirts. No spaghetti straps, please!
  • 8 pairs of shorts, at least 2 pairs should be long (at least fingertip length)
  • 8 sets of socks and underwear
  • 1 pair sandals with heel strap/water shoes/old tennis shoes for playing in the water
  • 1 pair sturdy tennis shoes/day hikers to be worn at all times except in the water
  • light jacket or sweatshirt
  • pajamas
  • rain jacket
  • swimsuit: Modest one-piece for girls, modest trunk for boys 

Toiletries: (remember to bring something to carry them in!)

  • soap & soap dish
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • brush/comb
  • non-aerosol deodorant
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • shower shoes (flip flops)


  • dirty clothes bag
  • backpack (nothing fancy, just like school)
  • 2 sturdy water bottles (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
  • ball cap/cap with brim
  • flashlight with new batteries
  • ground cloth for campout (shower curtain liners work well)
  • fun stuff (crazy hats, big sunglasses, wigs, robes, etc.)
  • Bible (All campers are encouraged to have their own Bible. If you do not have one or choose not to bring yours, Bibles will be available at Mo-Ranch.)

Linens: (will be provided, but items from home are more comfortable!)

  • twin sheets
  • pillow & pillow case
  • sleeping bag (use as a blanket and for the camp out)
  • bath towel & washcloth
  • beach towel

Optional Items:

  • camera (disposable cameras preferred)
  • sunglasses
  • bandana
  • books
  • stamped stationary/ postcards
  • favorite stuffed animal

Do not bring any of the following items to camp, they will be confiscated:

iPod's, MP3 players, CD players, TVs, walkmans, cell phones, electronic games, jewelry, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, fireworks, firearms, knives (including pocket knives), inappropriate reading material, snack foods, candy, drinks, or pets.

All personal items brought to camp by campers, staff or parents are the responsibility of the owner.
Mo-Ranch will not be responsible for damaged or lost items.
Mo-Ranch will attempt to locate items left behind, but cannot guarantee retrieval or replacement of lost personal belongings.

Please notify us immediately of lost items.