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Group Work and Leadership Skills

Group Work and Leadership Skills Activity Descriptions

All ropes course activities are "challenge by choice". Participation is based on the individual's choice and level of comfort.

Initiative Games

Icebreakers and non-traditional, non-competitive games help participants solve problems, develop teamwork, and work on group skills through play.

Low Elements Ropes Course

Groups learn to take on challenges through uniquely designed elements. The challenges increase in difficulty as they sequentially build group skills such as communication, trust, leadership, problem solving, and planning. Group discussions that process their experiences are an essential part of the activity. In the end, participants will have put to practice group skills that they can continue to use in real life situations.

High Elements Ropes Course

More of a personal, individual challenge. Wearing safety equipment, participants negotiate a series of ladders, poles, climbing towers, cables and ropes built 30-50 feet above the ground. Group support, empathy and encouragement are important components while the participant faces the important challenges of trust, goal setting, commitment, and pushing themself beyond their comfort zone to achieve their own individual level of success.