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Walking the Labyrinth

Excerpted from Walking a Spiritual Path
by Dr. Lauren Artress
Used by permission

"There are many ways to walk the labyrinth. In preparing to walk the labyrinth it may be helpful to reflect on where you are in your life. This might be as simple as "I'm finishing school!" or "I have a new baby."

Another approach is simply to quiet the mind, choosing to let all thoughts go when they present themselves in your awareness. In this form of walking the labyrinth, the task is to allow a gracious sense of attention flow through you.

You may want to focus on a question that you have been asking yourself. Questions that we take into the labyrinth should be outside the realm of yes and no answers. There is nothing magical about the labyrinth. It simply allows our consciousness to open so that deeper, and perhaps new, parts of ourselves can speak to us more directly. The questions we formulate should be as close to home as possible. They do not need to be worded articulately, but they need to be asked from the heart and soul of our being, not from everyday conscious thoughts.

Many people find it helpful to meditate by repeating a word, a mantra, or a phrase over and over to themselves as they walk. You may want to read a passage of scripture before or as you walk. Another method is simply to pray throughout the labyrinth walk."

We hope that you will use the labyrinth to walk, to pray, to dance, to meditate, to be in silence and grow closer to God. May grace and peace be yours!

Solvitur ambulando...It is solved by walking...
Saint Augustine